26 Jul 2012

Envelop with bird

When I made this envelop( again from an invitation card !) I had decided to quill something other than flowers on it..

 I had seen lots of quilled birds and wanted to try them sometime...!

Do tell me how it looks..

20 Jul 2012

Envelop with Royal flower

Another envelop from invitation card paper.This card paper  had nice magenta and black strips on it and was little shimmery.I do not have another photo of this envelope as I already gifted it !

I had seen a tutorial of quilled Royal flower on Asma' Ahmad Bahari's blog(http://simplerhyme.blogspot.in).
The strips were cut from same paper and  were a bit thick so the flower did not come out  that neatly.

Moreover the edges looked untidy So, I dabbed them with glue followed by loose gold metallic powder.That did the trick.. made the flower look really Royal...!!

16 Jul 2012

White & Gold Envelop

This envelop already had nice golden design over it and a transparent window.I just pasted a golden paper beneath it , still it looked really simple so added some quilled design  to it .

The idea was to copy the printed golden design as it is . Later made the same design but with two colors.
white over golden window and golden over white paper.

Finally the golden paper's edges were dabbed with glue followed by loose gold powder.This gave a nice shimmery look to the envelop.

12 Jul 2012

Red Envelop

I had a beautiful invitation card of shimmery red color , thought of making an envelop out of it .

Embellished  it with small flowers.
Added some small pearls to the center of flowers. Leaves were made with the help of  comb and  glided the edges of leaves with green glitter for some shiny effect.

6 Jul 2012

Gift Tag

I had a price tag of shining black color and nice texture and could not make my mind to throw it away.
So thought of reusing it as a gift Tag.

It has a Fringed flower with three 1cm wide strips of yellow , orange and pink colour.Two green eccentric tear drops ,some multi strip leaves and dried leaves of a decorative plant .

Hope this post inspires you to reuse price tag before you scrap it !!

5 Jul 2012

White and Blue Envelop

This is a decent envelop with blue flowers .The white paper is from a card and  I embossed it with small patterns.(Though the snaps do not show it clearly !!)

These flowers are not quilled any guess what are they made of  ? take a closer look .

Pistachio shells....!!
I coloured them arranged to create a flower and a white fringed flower at the centre to complete it.

Finally added few green strips to connect the flowers.Light blue strips  above n below the design to give the envelop a finished look.