1 Oct 2012

Some card Envelopes

I  had no intention of crafting today..had reserved the free time to clean and organize my cupboard.While organizing I found some brown paper, some news paper scraps and a packet of confetti.I decided to make envelopes for my cards  using  all of them.

This first one has butterfly made out of news paper and some jute twine.I had seen such butterfly on pinterest and liked them and wanted envelop to match the card so...made it ..

The second one was for banner card  so made a banner out of letters cut from news paper .

Third one was for punched polka dots card ..

Do you find something  interesting in it.?.Oh no ! not the flower..Its not worth even a look..(just some left over loose scrolls)Take a closer look ...

Now ..the small confetti  are visible..!! This  was inspired from a  post by Mandy  on  Lessology for Gift wrap Challenge (Check the link for details).She had used Tissue papers  I used old printer sheets..Took two sheets ..emptied the packet of these  confetti  (left over  from this card..)on one of  them.placed other sheet above it than .pasted the ends of both sheets and made envelop...They move when envelop is shaken .! I had no intention of adding that blue strip n flower..but some how the sheet tore of ..and  thus..for damage control..came in the strip !!

This was my try to make some ( TINY !!) space in my cupboard..by using up stuff !!

 I am sure you all must have used brown paper in some ways..Do share..suggestions are always welcome !


  1. Pooja, this is such a fabulous Idea of making co-ordinating envelopes using brown paper..!!..And you have embellished it so well especially the last one which has confetti in it..:)

  2. I like the idea...and your way of doing it!!! Goood job!

  3. It's very personal when you make it special. Sending out personalised cards/message is very important, because of the time, effort and sincerity in it. Love the idea!

  4. pooja..i love your envelopes and your ideas are fab!

  5. Hi Pooja,
    Dropped by to thank you for all the lovely comments you have been leaving on my blog and to congratulate you on your win at Piali's blog:)

  6. Thanks Pooja for your lovely comments on my blog.I loved your flowers using corn husk...very unique idea.I also rely on my scissors and cutter....and you can do wonders with these basic tools.

  7. How cute are these! I love how your envies match the theme on your cards! :)

  8. Pretty interesting creations.


  9. These Gift Card envelopes really co ordinate to the gift card if use for it..that's beautiful.


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