14 Jul 2014

'Getting to know me!

Hello friends ! I don't have a card to share Today but  my process of card making .Yes I was tagged for this  different Blog hop which was 'Getting to know me  by Jaya ! I love her style and its inspiring to see how her crafting style has evolved over time.If you haven't visited her blog My Craft World  then you are surely missing something very beautiful Its a must visit ! Can you imagine my surprise when I was tagged along with Dr.Sonia  and Hussena ?? They are my inspirations and I always look forward to their work and learn from it.Thanks Jaya for this Honor :) Lets get  on with the  hop..

1.What I am working on ?

To tell the truth I didn't get to craft much this month, I have started a new project  which is something I haven't done before..Its yet to be completed..here is a sneak peek.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
It is difficult to tell,as I have learned a lot from fellow crafters.Techniques n projects shared on various blog have inspired me so, my work may resemble it  in some or other way.But yes I do prefer DIYs more rather then getting ready made stuffs.Be it flowers,embellishments,mists, stencils or texture pa.ste I try to create them with what ever material I have( reusing ! ) If not possible only then I think of buying them.Talking of buying stuff..I buy craft supplies rarely ( when I get a Gift Voucher :D !!)

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

Because I love it ! I have enjoyed doing crafts n making cards since childhood.Seeing the joy on ones face when gifted with handmade card encouraged me to keep creating.Its a different world when creating something , just you and your ideas ! Which refreshes you and gives immense satisfaction !

4.How do I become inspired or stay inspired?
 There is no single answer to it, can be a challenge,a sketch, an advertisement, a print on clothing,flowers in garden anything ! Our blog  world is itself  greatest source of Inspiration.I learned lot about crafting from projects  shared by fellow bloggers new products,styles,techniques !

5. How does your writing/creating process work?
The process..not same always ! Its starts with an idea , an inspiration which can be anything a challenge,a sketch,colors scheme or a new Technique.I start creating only when I have the complete idea ready in my head like which papers to use ,what colors ,what embellishments.

6. How long does it take to create a project?

 Depends on the type of card.
For CAS cards I can create it within 15-30 mins.For these cards I had the base ready . 

 all I had to do was cut the watercolor paper n paint all done in 20 mins !!

For detailed card like this. If I have time I complete it the same day,Which is hardly possible as I get only 15-20 mins to craft in a day.So I break the process in parts.Started with cutting papers n stitching envelope ,did the misting next time and finally assembled all the embellishment and completed it, 3 Days !

      One more interesting thing I would like to share about my creative process I don't like clutter on my desk even when crafting.Once I know what I need and how much, I take out only that much and rest goes inside.I have a empty folder and a small tray if the cards take more than a day the paper of that card go into folder n embellishments in the tray .so next time I will need only these.I just cannot think with things spread around me ! Even before I complete a card All the suppies are inside their respective containers :) Weird ??

7. What are my favourite things I love to create with at the moment?
My all time favorite is reusing stuff  lying around the house to create something useful out of it.Right now I am in love with textures and trying out bright bold color schemes and Glitter !

 8.What is my signature style?
 Not sure as I  like trying out different styles and don't want to stick to just one Style !

I hope you enjoyed reading this long post  and now its my turn to tag the crafters I want to know about :) here I go ..

Tanvi Shah - A busy working lady, a microbiology researcher, turned to education, then to the lab ! I wonder how she manages her lab ,family ,active blog along with GD responsibilities ! She is always upto something new.Just look the range of her project styles starting from CAS ,Shabby chic,layered,pop-ups,special folds, 3D projects hush..n still going ! I still remember her cards with crayon resist technique .I have never seen such Awesome use of this techniques !Her blog Paper Fantasee has Awesome inspirations !

Jasleen- A Dentist by profession when she is not mending patient's teeth or taking care of her cute daughter she is busy creating clever CAS cards.I am fan of her Style,Though she does different styles n project but enjoys CAS style more .She has created  some LO for her daughter and they as pretty as her :) Jasleen is a wonderful person to know !  Her blog Happily Ever Crafter  is full of CAS goodness !

Sachi-A software engineer with a career in IT industry Sachi is a full time homemaker and a mother now. Visiting her blog Crafting and More is a feast to eyes.Her cards have lovely layering of dies along with gorgeous flowers and beautiful color scheme.Shabby lovers you will fall in love with her work !

I am looking forward to next Monday when these ladies will share their posts ! Thanks for taking part in this blog hop !


  1. a beautiful post to know about you pooja, thanks to jaya for hosting this


  2. Lovely post Pooja!! It was very interesting to know about you and your style of working!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your creative process & helping us know a little more about you & thanks for tagging me here Pooja.

  4. I have always admired how you do your projects with minimum supplies! It's great that you can resist the temptation of hoarding supplies! Way to go dear, wishing you loads and loads of creations.

  5. so nice to know about you and your crafty creating process Pooja.. :) you make cards so fast in organised way and keep the things arranged ..love your reusing style ..i keep messing up everytime when i do a project :D

  6. Great to know more about you Pooja! I love your creations! :)

  7. SO good to read about you Pooja. I wanted to tag you but Jaya already had first goal!! Amazed at your super organization...Can I borrow you for a week to help

  8. Loooved reading your answers to the questions, & having another look at some of your LOVELY cards....I am always amazed by how you manage to create almost EVERYTHING on your cards.....you're VERY creative:):):)

  9. I was looking forward to this post to know more about your creative process, since the day I came to know about this blog hop ;) And I LOVED reading it. It's amazing to know that you made those lovely water coloured cards in just 15-20 mins!! And I can relate to you on the organizing part. :) Thanks so much for tagging me here. It's truly an honour.

  10. ....and not to forget, thanks immensely for those sweetest words about my daughter and me :)

  11. Thanks for letting us in to your creative world. I enjoyed reading your post. Wish I could do a CAS card in 15 minutes! It takes me that long to figure out what I'm going to do!

  12. good to know more about you :) it's really inspiring!!
    Moxie Craftie

  13. Great to know about you dear ...Wish to be organized like you ......

  14. Love that you work in short snippets of time and are so organized!

  15. Thanks for letting us in your creative process and tagging me here . Reusing , creating your own craft supplies , no nonsense crafting everything about your art is just so inspiring ! Really love your tutorials and your cards ..

  16. Wow! very good to know about you Pooja! I go with Sonia, in asking your help to get organized!!! ,which is what I'm trying the most nowadays :)

  17. Enjoyed reading your creative process Pooja! I am myself an addict of up-cycling and reusing.. I haven't ever done a project that hasn't used atleast one recycled item.. And this is what I love about you the most! How wonderfully and creatively you execute your projects and include such items in them! You watercolour cards are to die for! Amazing!
    I can totally relate to you on buying things only when you get vouchers! I too do that and still. But I am certainly amazed how you can avoid clutter around you while creating.. my entire workplace ,cupboard everything is in a mess when I am creating :P!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful intro dear! Have a great day!

  18. Enjoyed reading your post Pooja and it was really nice to know about you. It's amazing that you take such little time to do all those wonderful cards of yours while people like me would take an eternity.

  19. So good to know your creative process :)

  20. Fantastic.I am glad somebody started it.It's fun knowing more about people you like.Loved the sprinkling of your previous projects too.Great to see hpw versatile you are.

  21. Wow !! this definitely was a fun read and due to the blogger issues can you believe I am just now seeing your post :( Nevertheless this has definitely been an eye opener as far as getting to know about you and your creative process :) ..i seriously can't believe that you clear up your craft space even while in the process of creating your card/projects I tend to be so messy its like a hurricane has hit my crafty space :) we sure differ in that way :)..Btw I can't seem to be able to see your picture's another dumb Blogger issue I think !! :(

  22. great to get to know better abt u pooja. and the part where u dont like clutter.... dats soooo great, i mean how is it even possible ;) love all ur cards,u put something new everytime


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